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Do you want ​to pay for a website that nobody visits?

​Naturally, you want​ a website that attracts the people you want, is engaging and useful to visitors at all stages of purchasing  - and bottom line makes you money.

However,  91% of website content  get no traffic from Google.  So why is this?

The backbone of every website should be its keywords.  If you want people to find your business website when they are looking for your products/services in search engines, then every page of your website should be targeting different key words. For example, one of the keywords this web page is targeting is "​​website design".  Using keyword research tools & ​website monitoring,  I know there are ​1000's of people​ searching for "​​website design" in search engines.  Targeting the keywords  is part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  A lot of websites are designed without any keyword research ​and  most websites are ​not monitored.

So you've got your website products/services ranking on Google page 1.  Happy days?  Not exactly.  This is like being on the first page of the newspaper.  You know what it's like - you only read the headlines that attract you.   If you get your headlines right, then visitors will click onto your website.

So you've now got the headlines right.  You've  got visitors clicking on your  Google search listing and going onto your website.  Brill - you're increasing your Click Through Rate (CTR) to your website.  Don't go jumping for joy yet.  Visitors on your website will be at different stages of search intent - I want to find out about your services, I'm interested in your services, I'm thinking of buying your services, I want to buy your services, I want to buy from you again.  If your website has content that is useful, relevant and engaging to visitors at each stage then they are more likely to convert. Google will also see that visitors are spending time on your website and will rank it higher. 

Obviously all of this takes time and effort and doesn't happen overnight.  But that's what sales is all about.  Put the effort in and you will see an increase in your online customers.

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