​Do you need Affordable SEO in London ?

Affordable SEO London - View of Devon seaside

 If you're reading this, you have found my website ranking high when searching for affordable SEO in London.  I'm an Irish Digital Marketing Consultant based in the seaside town of Exmouth in Devon.  I don't charge London prices.

So what can I offer you?

  • SEO & Website Design  for small & medium businesses.
  • An all inclusive service: choosing relevant keywords,  optimising your website,  creating high quality content. 
  • Benefits:  improved ranking, attracting more visitors to your website, increasing leads & sales. 
  • Affordable - Prices start from £500/month.  This depends on factors such as number of keywords being targeted, keyword competition & the quality of your website. 
  • A reliable, honest & dedicated service.

My terms

  • Monthly payment in advance.
  • You can cancel the service at any time.
  • Meetings via video call.
  • I will need a regular point of contact to understand your business.  I may need photos/videos/stories/case studies from you that can really sell your business.   Questions answered within 1 working day.

Still looking for affordable

SEO in London?

Be quick as  I can only work on 1-2 projects at a time.  Contact me below... and oh feel free to share.

Digital Marketing services

Find the keywords people type into Google search to find your products/services using keyword research.

Get your website ranked for relevant, profitable keywords.

Target the keywords on your website that people are looking for and give them a good user experience.

What do you want your website to be good at?  

​A lot of businesses want their website to be good at looking good. 

I want your website to be good at driving visits, driving leads, driving calls, driving sales.

I won't spend time creating a beautiful looking website that no one can find.  

I will provide a website that is useful, relevant and engaging to your target market and makes them want to spend money with you.

Measure your website performance

Why ?  

To find out where keywords are ranking e.g. "plumber london" in 5th position.

To find out are your most popular keywords that make visitors click onto your website.

To find other keywords you hadn't thought of that people are typing in Google search when looking for you but don't go on your website  e.g. gas plumber London

To monitor website goals  e.g. number of people filling out a contact form; engagement goals - people spending longer than 2 mins on the gas plumbing page.

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