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​Making sure search engines can find your website.

SEO Services Exeter Devon - Chalkboard with service we offer

​Are you looking for a website that search engines can find?

Digital Marketing is about advertising your business online to attract your ideal customers.

There are different types of Digital Marketing Services - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Website Design (Blogging, Content Marketing), Social Media Marketing,  Email Marketing, Pay Per Click(PPC) Advertising(e.g.Google Adwords, Facebook Ads).

Digital Marketing done well should..

  • Advertise your business products/services online where people are actually searching for them  e.g. Google where they are looking for a "Gas Plumber" and Facebook when people they are looking for recommendations.
  • Targets the keywords people are searching for e.g. "Gas Plumber Exeter".
  • Have engaging, relevant and useful content at all stages of visitor search intent. e.g. I want to find out about your Gas Plumbing service, I'm interested in your Gas Plumbing service, I'm thinking of asking for  a quote for your Gas Plumbing service, I want to use your Gas Plumbing service, I want to buy from you again.
  • Have backlinks.  Backlinks are links from one website to another.  Google ranks you higher if you have high quality backlinks. It's a vote of confidence in your business and a sign that people trust your business. e.g. Link to your website from Worcester Bosch as a registered installer, commenting on plumbing forums.
  • Target other ranking factors e.g. Google reviews, mobile friendly, website speed.
  • Measure the benefits of your Digital Marketing efforts using Analysis tools e.g. how you are ranking for keywords, click through rate to your website, how engaging a service web page is by finding out how long visitors spend reading the content, conversions - contact form has been submitted.

I specialise in the following Digital Marketing Services.  Click on the links below to find out more...