Check my website ranking in Google

Check my website ranking in Google

Drain Jetting Company website  ranking in 3rd position in Google results.

Every business asks the question "How can I check how my website is ranking in Google?" 

Here I show you how by using the example  of the Drain Company who specialise in blocked drains in different locations. 

The website is monitored using the free tool Google Search Console (GSC).  This is the most reliable way to find out how your website is performing.

When this  website was designed in March 2019,    I setup Google Analytics  & Google Search Console for this business using their own Google account.  These tools collect website performance data.  If you are unsure if these tools have been setup for your website,  talk to your Website Designer or a Digital Marketing company who can do it for you or do it yourself using the links above (it isn't difficult).

Follow the steps below to find out how we checked the performance of the Drain Jetting Company website.


Step 1 - Login into Google Search Console.  Select Performance. When the Performance report is selected it defaults to show "Total clicks" & "Total impressions" for the last 3 months. Select "Average CTR" and "Average position" above the graph so that all of this data is included.  I have changed the report to show data for the last 4 days as I want to know how the website is performing now.

The Performance report below is an overview of how the Drain Jetting Company website performed for keywords in the last 4 days...

Total clicks =  12 people clicked on the Drain Jetting Google search link and went onto the website.

Total impressions = 124 people saw the Drain Jetting Google search link.  Unfortunately, this also includes times when the user didn't fully scroll down to it even though it was on the page they were viewing!

Average CTR = 9.7%.  This is the Click Through Rate (CTR) and is the percentage of people who saw the Drain Jetting link in Google search and then clicked onto the website.  It is calculated by Total clicks/Total impressions i.e. 12/124 x 100= 9.7%

Average position = 26.1.  Don't worry too much about this value.  It's like saying on a school report you are 3 in Physics, 2 in Maths, 1 in IT, but 40 in Textiles and 39 in French, but you average out at 17.

Check my website ranking in Google Search Console

Step 2 - Scroll down until you see Queries.   This show the keywords users have typed into Google search that your website is ranking for.  Now select Countries and then select United Kingdom.  I want it to show only those user queries for Drain Jetting Company services in the UK.  Now look at the 1st keyword in this report - "blocked drains ballycastle".  When a person searched for this keyword in Google over the 4 day period...

Clicks =  3 times people clicked on the Google search listing and went onto the website.

Total impressions = 6 people saw the Google search link.  This also includes Drain Jetting links that the person didn't fully scroll down to!

Click Through Rate (CTR) = 50% of the time people clicked on the Google search link and went onto their website . This is a good CTR, due to the listing being high in Google search and also it's where the business is based.  Make sure that you exclude yourself and internal business users from the results.

Position = This keyword averaged at position 3.5 in Google.  (I know that the 2-3 links above the website link in Google search are their & Facebook listings.)

google search console keyword performance

Are you targeting the keywords people are searching for?

The Queries report shown above  is a great way to find out the keywords people type in Google search.  In our case, we were targeting "blocked drain" and discovered that people were searching for "drain jetting" a lot of the time too.  So we now target that keyword in our website too.

Conclusion: Check my website ranking in Google.

A website can bring a business online leads & sales.  Sales people can also bring in leads & sales.  The performance of sales people is usually monitored.  So it would be natural to think that all businesses measure their website for performance too.

If your business wants online sales, then it must measure website performance.  

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