​​Asking for a Google Review 
in a text message?

Asking for a Google review - Girl texting on phone

Google reviews - a sign of trust when you get the right reviews.  ​You need to make writing a review as easy as possible for your customers - otherwise they give up and very quickly move on to something else.​​​

Clients were ​asking for a text message to send customers when asking for a Google Review.  So here is an example ​ - No Google account ​required.


Example: ​Asking for a Google review.

Martins of Exeter listing on Google maps

Simpy copy & paste the instructions below to your text message.  Then ​replace the words in bold for your business.

​Hope you're happy with everything John.

It would really help, if you could ​leave us a Google review , stating the service we provided and your location.  Just follow the steps below:

1. Click here to go to Google Maps.

​2.  Search for our company, "Martins of Exeter".

3. Scroll down and select "Write a review".

​4. Select the number of stars and then write your review.

​We really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

​Many thanks


Conclusion: Asking for a Google Review in a text message?

Customers are busy and don't always get round to leaving reviews.  Always follow up on your reviews.    ​Customers on the whole actually want to leave a review, but do have problems leaving them - sometimes due to Google asking them to login, other times because they are using different phones, iPads or computers.​

Do leave me a comment below to tell me how you got on, or tell me about any other issues you've had leaving Google reviews.  Any problems let me know too.