​GDPR Privacy Policy Example

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Simple ​two step ​guide on ​how I wrote ​our website GDPR Privacy Policy -  example included.

​There is so much different advice out there.  

 It was confusing.  

 I took it back to basics.  

​What does the EU GDPR actually want?


Step 1

I used the GDPR Privacy Policy template on the GDPR.eu website. This was just what I needed as it told me exactly what they expect websites to have in their Privacy Policy.  

GDPR Privacy Policy template download option on GDPR.EU website

Step 2

I simply used the GDPR Privacy Policy template to write our privacy & cookie Policy.  If I was unsure of anything I compared it to the Privacy policies of ​​authority websites.  Click here to view ​our own GDPR Privacy Policy Example.

GDPR Privacy Policy Example from the Target the Market website

​Conclusion: GDPR Privacy Policy example

GDPR.EU have really made this straightforward for website owners by providing the GPDR template.  

Feel free to copy ​the GDPR Privacy Policy example that is live on our website as the Privacy & Cookies policy. ​ It should be suitable for most small business websites .

Please  comment below and let me know if this has been useful. ​  It really does help me to provide content that website owners actually want.  

Feel free to share.

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